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Magnesium Hydroxide Magnesium Hydroxide

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Product Description
Magnesium Hydroxide is a type of new developed filled flame retardants in recent years, the basis of it is Mg(OH)2. It is widely used in rubber, chemical industry, building materials, plastics (polypropylene polyester, oil paint, coating etc..) Especially, in the following fields, including flame retardant, smoke suppression and anti-static of coating cloth of mining air duct, conveyor band of PVC, rubber plate of retarding electrical wiring and cable of PVC, mining cable sheath, cable annexes, and so on. This product can replace aluminum hydroxide due to its excellent flame retardant performance.

Technical Data
White powder
Specific Weight
MgO, %
Loss after combustion, %
CaO, Mn, Fe, %
≤ 2.0
Endothermal temperature ,
Moisture(105℃), %
≤ 1.0
Insoluble residue of HCl, %
Packaging, Storage and Transportation                                           
Magnesium hydroxide is packaged in 25kg Multi-layer sealed bags: inner is PE plastic bag, outer is tectorial bag, or according to customer’s requirements.
It should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, no solarization, rain and hooks. Safely transport as normal plastic materials.

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