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Shinde is a leading chemical company specializing in the R&D and production of environment-friendly Halogen-Free Red-Phosphorus Flame Retardant, Silicone Additive and Melamine Cyanurate for plastics, with an output of 6000MT per year. All of the products comply with RoHS approved by SGS, well sold far to Germany, US, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Israel, India, Korea and so on.


In red phosphorus and relevant regions, our strong R&D capability and sophisticated technical team ensure the continuous technique support and service to our customers. Shinde has also been focusing on the consistent safety and stability of the products, especially the management of phosphorus damage. Through our well-equipped quality and P damage analytical laboratory, the phosphorus migration of both red phosphorus flame retardant and the downstream products could be exactly detected, which enables the evaluation on the reliability of the flame retarded materials and then the risk reduction of customers’ products.    


Based on environment protection, Shinde has invested in the establishment of a modern state-of-the-art production facility, completely conforming to the environmental legislation and protecting both the workplaces and environment around.


Be honest man, do professional thing. Shinde will be able to provide flexible, innovative, competent and cost competitive solutions for global customers.

FR9950, which is PA6 carrier and 50% red phosphorus content, is mainly used in PA66, PA66+GF. The dosage is around 8-12%.